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Dog Bowl Slow Feeder with Anti-Skid Non-Slip Grip Base.

Dog Bowl Slow Feeder with Anti-Skid Non-Slip Grip Base.

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🐶 PROMOTING HEALTHY EATING HABITS — Enhancing the well-being of our cherished canine companions starts with fostering healthier eating habits. Our meticulously crafted slow feeding dog bowl is specifically engineered to decelerate mealtime, encouraging a more leisurely pace of consumption. By doing so, it aids in mitigating issues like bloating, overindulgence, vomiting, and obesity. With each feeding session, your furry friend can rediscover the joy of engaging their natural foraging instincts, ensuring both enjoyment and wellness.

🐶 PRIORITIZING PET SAFETY — At Prime A1 Gifts, we prioritize the safety and health of your beloved pets. That's why our bowl feeder is meticulously crafted with food-safe, high-strength ABS materials, free from phthalates. Its internal design is carefully crafted with smooth, edge-free patterns, ensuring resistance to biting. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you can nourish your pet with wet, dry, or raw food options without compromising their safety.

🐶 ANTI-SLIP DESIGN — Bid farewell to the incessant clatter of food bowls being dragged across the floor. Our innovative bowl features a non-slip base design, equipped with four anti-skid feet to firmly anchor the bowl during meal times. It's the perfect gift for pet owners who value both practicality and convenience.

🐶 HASSLE-FREE CLEANING — Say goodbye to tedious cleaning routines. The sleek design of our bowl, complete with curved obstacles and a smooth finish, ensures effortless cleaning after every use.

🐶 DIMENSIONS — With a base length and width of 20.2cm and a height of 4.8cm, our bowl provides ample space for your pet's dining pleasure. The inner bowl diameter measures 16.5cm, with a food capacity of 500ml, catering to your pet's nutritional needs with ease.

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